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Kutch Hindu Temples

Mata nu Madh

The 1,200 years old temple with unique architectural expositions of dimensions and space.

Narayan Sarovar

One of the 5 Holy Sarovar prescribed in the Puranes as a place of pilgrimage for the Hindu situated on the mouth of Sindhu river & Arabian sea. Have a big temple of Adinarayan situated about 150 kms from Bhuj.


Situated just a mile away from Narayan Sarovar overlooking the congruence of Kori Creek and the sea is temple of Shiv Mahadev.


On top of the hill Dhinodhar the shrine of an ascetic named Dhoramnatha - the founder of Kanafatta (Kapadi) saints. There are dense forests in this area.


On the top of Black Hill this temple have many legends associated with Guru Dattatrya. Long (small jackels) comes every day for eating prasad. Forest animals are vegetarians as story goes.


In Kutch, every village have Shiv Temples. Normally this temples are situated at the entrance of the village. Small green villages Rampar, Mer & Vekara situated at three sides of this temple. Newly built Jalaramdham is good for stay.


Madhapar, Rampar, Navovas, Mirazapur, Sukhapar, Madanpur, Ratanpur, Mankua, Bharashar, Anjar, Dayapal have decorated temples of Sahajanand Swami, Patidar, Patels, Kanabi, worshiped Swami Narayan.


Bhuvad (Anjar), Nakha Tarona, Antanjar (Mankua), Rajada, Faradi have Ramdevpir places. Rabari, Harijan, Suthar community worship this Pir (God).

RAMWADA - (Abadasa)

Bhagavan Ram ( a Hindu God) was here after winning battles & become king of Ayodhya for Pinddan.