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Kutch Archaeological Sites of Gujarat

Dholovira (Rapar)

Excavation at Dholavira have yielded valuable information about Hindu cultures. The site has been dated to have been in existence around 2500 B.C. It is Remarkable planning with all civic amenities including paved baths, underground drains, excellent water storages, defence network, gateway, street, systems. This place is near Rapar. Govt. of Gujarat built Toran Guest House which is in poor condition. It is amazing that people today neither have time nor the inclination to preserve this ancient culture of the land.


This is way back when Buddha religion flourish in Kutch. This caves are about 1000 years old. More information not available due to of apathy of archaeological survey of India.

MOTA YASH - SAYARA - (Nakhatarana)

Here 72 yaksha visited about 900 years back. A ship was broken and these 72 noble soul landed at Kutch. They served people and also give medicines, fought a battle against cruel king Puvaro.


This place is built by Lakho - Fulani built in AD 1778. Beautiful structures finds here. Shiv - Mandir is equally old.


Jam Odho loves Hothal Padmini and one of the oldest fort bult xxx.


Built in 1801 by Fateha Mohamd have near 7 kms long wall. Before 1820 Lakapat city have a population about 50,000 Guru Nanak went three times for Hazz. Everyday income of the ruler was Lac Kori and therefore Arab, Turki, Irani rulers attack Kutch for about 1000 years upto big earthquake in 1819.